On all 4 locations, SI has an important position. The parks form a concentration of semi-industrial spaces which are very attractive to SMEs. There is a dynamic working atmosphere and there is great flexibility in m2. This makes it possible to continuously anticipate the changeable working environment of a SME. The marketability and the resulting, historically viewed, high occupancy rate are clear evidence of the success of the chosen approach.


Because of their excellent accessibility and their high profile, both Mechelen and Antwerp are eminently suitable as office locations. At both locations, modern office buildings have been realised by the company itself. The offices distinguish themselves by a very beneficial gross-net relationship and an exceptional favourable parking ratio. As a result of their construction, the layout of the space is very flexible. Due to the selected materials, the enveloping construction is low in maintenance and has a timeless image. Both locations have an underground car park.


Antwerp South Logistics is a very modern logistics complex of over 95,000 m2. The spaces are high, have a great span length and the maximum floor load permitted for the sector. Because of its location and the connecting road directly to the A12, the complex occupies a unique position in the logistic hotspot of Willebroek.